It’s 2019, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly weaving into the digital marketing sphere. With systems and algorithms that are outsmarting humans, it makes sense to engage in this revolutionary concept.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Unsure what AI really is?

It can be as simple as Siri on your iPhone letting you know what the weather is like outside. You may have also come across AI when streaming music, or TV shows. The Netflix Tech Blog reveals that their system knows every movie, TV show, or documentary you have watched since the day you signed up to the streaming service. “This data feeds the recommendation algorithms so that a member can find a title for whatever mood they’re in.” These examples form one of the countless strings of the AI web.

So how does AI impact digital marketing?

Well, where do I begin! AI is able to enhance digital marketing strategies through collecting and analysing data. This information is applied to create a personalised customer experience, to accurately predict customer behaviour and to provide customer support. AI provides organisations with valuable insights that can improve customer experience and propel the company to success.

As the web of AI stretches so far, I plan to delve deeper into this captivating world in future blog posts.

So, what do you think of AI? Is it sounding scary, or exciting?

7 thoughts on “Does your computer know you better than you do?

  1. AI does make our lives as consumers much more convenient. However, it does seem scary knowing how much those AI machines can do and the knowledge that they can obtain. And the thought that one day, AI would possibly take over more and more human jobs is terrifying! So I think it is important that while we enjoy the benefits that AI brings to us, we should also be aware of the dangers that it can cause.


    1. I agree Angela! The fact that many jobs are becoming redundant due to the capabilities of AI is incredibly daunting. At the same time the benefits are exciting and we should definitely make the most of them!


  2. Personally, I find AI exciting. It is so convenient and has definitely freed up a lot of time. Using your example of Netflix, without it having recommendation algorithms, we could be spending so much time just looking for a show that we might be interested in. It is especially so in business, when time is so important.


  3. I think that AI will definitely cause profound digital disruption across many industries. This would definitely be a scary thought for many people whose jobs may cease to exist!


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