From phones, to fridges, to cars, “smart” technology is making its way into more and more everyday objects and appliances, making our lives much easier. One of the latest smart devices to drop on the market is a facial brush!

FOREO is an innovative beauty and wellness company that has recently developed a world-first, smart facial brush, known as the LUNA fofo.

LUNA… what?

FOREO has embraced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create the LUNA fofo. It analyses your skin and creates a personalised skincare routine based on factors such as your hydration levels, your diet and the climate, to come up with a tailored skin care routine. This new addition to the Internet of Things (IoT) works in line with the FOREO app, allowing you to track your skin health in the palm of your hand.

LUNA fofo in the IoT

You may be thinking how this entwines with digital marketing. Well, as the IoT grows, marketers need to absorb the power of the diverse technologies available.

The LUNA fofo collects and stores data of customer’s skin health. This data can then be used in many different ways.

Firstly, it can be used to make continuous improvements on the device. With data being collected each time the device is used, FOREO can better understand skin health, and give customers a more personalised experience.

It can also be used to make further recommendations to customers about what products would suit their skin. FOREO’s marketing team could then consider what other products may be brought to the market to address common skin concerns.

Watch this space!

5 thoughts on “Smart Skin

  1. The information on this product is great to know, and it looks pretty neat. I’m wondering what is happening or would happen to the beauty market (i.e. how other companies react to it? How would it change the market? Is it just the beauty product development?).


    1. It is definitely a product that is disrupting the beauty industry. It seems as though companies are becoming more focused on personalising a customer’s experience, and AI is one way several brands are implementing this. Thanks for your comment Conan!

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    1. Definitely an interesting product, which I think we may start to see more of in the future! Influencer marketing is one technique FOREO are using quite heavily, particularly in the Australian market.


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