L’Oréal has been a dominant player in the beauty industry for decades and their transition into the digital age has come with great success. Ensuring both online and offline touchpoints work hand in hand, has contributed to this success.

Offline, L’Oréal has been stocking products in salons worldwide since its inception where brand representatives provide customers with expert service.

Digital Director, Christian Skaar, told Tech Wire Asia that through digital, L’Oréal can “amplify this [expert service] and spread the message to a lot more consumers.” Skaar sees the use of digital marketing as the ability to “reach consumers that are open to salon products but haven’t used them yet.”

However, a pain point for L’Oréal is that customers are unable to receive the personalised advice from a salon professional, that they would get in an offline experience.

The beauty giant has involved augmented reality to allow customers to virtually try on products such as makeup and hair colour. Skaar identifies digital as a significant growth factor for L’Oréal, as they continue advance in the beauty industry.

Digital disruption is occurring in many other industries, not only beauty. Marketers in areas such as fashion should consider the use of technologies like AR to get ahead of the game and allow consumers a seamless shopping experience between in-store and online.

Developing a digital service like L’Oréal would enable retailers to reach a broader market and enhance the customer experience. With such a service, purchasing decisions can be made easier, boosting customer confidence in the brand.

11 thoughts on “The Digital Difference

  1. I did not know that L’oreal has this online platform for customers to virtually try out products. I think this feature definitely helps customers with their purchase decisions. Great post with interesting insight!


    1. So interesting, especially because they’ve had great success with their offline touchpoints, it is great to see how they convert that to success to online touchpoints!


  2. That is so cool! The fact that you don’t have to step out of your house but still be able to see how something might look on you through digital means is so interesting! Definitely very appealing for customers!


  3. Asides the usefulness of this platform, can I just say how fun this looks!! I could spend hours trying on various make up looks on myself!! Love that it’s so interactive and convenient!


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