Artificial intelligence (AI) is a phenomenon that is revolutionising so many aspects of our day to day life. So, how does it work with marketing, in particular Search Engine Optimisation?


The idea behind SEO is “increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results” ( Organic search engine results appear without being paid for. For example, in my search for ‘iphone xs’, the top two results were paid Ads, followed by the organic search results.

Where does AI come in?

Marketing expert, Jim Yu, has identified three key areas where SEO can be enhanced by AI.

1.  Insights

A major function of AI is the ability to process and analyse data. Using this data, AI can produce insights for SEO relating to needs in the customer journey, site content opportunities, and opportunities against competitors.  

2. Automation

For marketers, SEO can be a time-consuming activity. Conducting keyword research, optimising and circulating content, and managing tags and internal links, can be lengthy processes. AI can automate these tasks and generate the same results, freeing up precious time for the more challenging aspects of SEO.

3. Personalisation

Using AI, companies are able to understand more about their customer, offering them personalised products or services to optimise their experience. This extends past traditional SEO, towards vertical search optimisation, where companies reach their customers through a range of platforms.

So, what do you think? Is it a good move for companies to involve AI in their Search Engine Marketing?

4 thoughts on “Enhancing SEO with AI

  1. Interesting article about the rise of AI in search Ruby. Any ideas or examples about what kinds of insights AI can provide that can be used for SEO? Also, do you know of any tools of platforms that marketers use to leverage the power of AI for search?


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