We all know Google is the world’s go-to search engine, but have you ever heard of a vertical search engine?

Well you have probably used, websites such as SkyScanner, Pinterest, Amazon and Seek before. These are all examples of vertical search engines.

Essentially, these websites are search engines that concentrate on one particular industry or host a specific type of content.

Why are they important?

Because vertical search engines specialise in certain categories, the targeted audience will have common characteristics, allowing companies to better understand who their customer is. Companies can use these websites as a platform to market their products or services, that are relevant to the customer.

SkyScanner is vertical search engine that allows you to search for flights, hotels and cars, worldwide, by gathering prices from over 1000 travel partners.

I went into SkyScanner a searched for return flights to Rome.

This is the result I got.

Notice the Qatar Airways price in the top right corner. This was not one of the search results, however, it is a paid advertisement. By clicking the “Book” button, I was directed to the page shown below.

In this example, Qatar Airways have used SkyScanner as a platform to market their service. By doing so, they can attract customers who are likely to be interested in Qatar’s service, and encourage them to continue the transaction on the companies dedicated website.

So do you think using vertical search engines is an effective digital marketing strategy?  

3 thoughts on “Vertical Search Engines

  1. I think it could work out really well for consumers, especially when you want to have a comparison between multiple brands. When I buy airplane tickets, I love to see the different options available instead of scavenging around multiple websites.


    1. You’re right! Vertical search engines are definitely great for consumers, however also great for marketers. As I mentioned in the post it allows companies to advertise to a more targeted audience, as they can have a better understanding of the customers who use these search engines.


  2. I think its a win-win for both consumers and brands to involve themselves in vertical search engines. I am going on a holiday myself during July, and booking.com has been such a great resource for me when finding accomodation to stay.


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