Mercedes. A brand known worldwide, and one you probably see on streets every day.

You would think that a global leader in the automobile industry would rarely put a foot wrong when it comes to marketing. However, during the Super Bowl, which is arguably one of the most renowned events for marketing campaigns, their exciting “Last Fan Standing” campaign flopped.

At the kick-off of Super Bowl 2018, those who had registered, were in the running to win a brand-new Mercedes, simply by holding their finger on the top of a car on the Mercedes website. The “Last Fan Standing” would become the winner of the car. After much anticipation and lead up to the kick off, technical difficulties prevailed, and the competition was off. Mercedes then tweeted to announce that the winner would be randomly selected.

There are lessons to be learnt from this mobile marketing failure. While on paper it may have seemed genius, the execution was poor.

Associating the campaign with one of the biggest sporting events worldwide drew a substantial audience for Mercedes. However, to implement their idea on such a large scale, proved difficult and beyond their means.

The possibilities appear to be endless for mobile marketing, however if a campaign can’t be pulled off, then what was the point? Learning from Mercedes mistakes I would say it’s a good idea start simple, understand the audience and clarify the objectives of the campaign.

2 thoughts on “Learning From Mercedes Mistakes

  1. Making sure to get a campaign right especially when its going to be aired for the entire world to see is so definitely so important! What are other ways do you think a company can use to prevent themselves from making a mistake that might be detrimental to the reputation of their business?


    1. You’re right Alvin! I would say, looking at the Mercedes case, where the campaign relied heavily on technology for a specified period of time, it is important to have back up procedures in place. We all know how technology can often have a mind of its own, so in a campaign like this it is vital to have considered the potentials barriers that can pop up along the way. Having systems and back ups in place to work around these barriers will help to ensure a greater chance of success.


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