Visual Search has been around for a few years now. Pinterest introduced their visual search feature, ‘Pinterest Lens’, in 2017 and I tested it out in the app. Have a look at the video below to see how it works!

It’s fast and reliable. As you can see in the video, Pinterest showed me cushions similar to the one I saw, and even better, I could shop the results!

Firstly, there are plenty of benefits for customers and the overall customer experience. By using the visual search, people are able to save time and avoid the frustration of scrolling through pages and pages of search results on a retailer’s website. It also displays products that are all similar in appearance but vary in price points. This allows customers to shop around, and find the product that suits their style, as well as their budget.

From a retailer perspective, the visual search can help reach audience’s that may not have originally been targeted. The results encourage consumers to buy items that they may not have found outside of a visual search. Upselling is also possible, as search results will present customers with the whole ‘look’, allowing them to shop other items as well.

Visual search can also enhance the omni-channel marketing approach by allowing a more seamless customer experience, between mobile devices, desktops, and brick-and-mortar stores.

Do you think it is worth retailers implementing this tool in their digital strategy?

6 thoughts on “Why Scroll When Your Phone Can Find It For You?

  1. If companies have the time and resources then it can definitely be a great tool. I feel if I was to use an app such as the one in your blog post I would have a stronger affiliation and connection with the company, and therefore, I would be more likely to purchase from them, as opposed to one of their competitors. Great post!


  2. I use pinterest religiously and i love this feature. I think its important for businesses to keep up to date with new technologies to not get left behind. For example, its interesting that pinterest has remained relevant while tumblr’s popularity has declined immensely


    1. So true Glory! That’s a really interesting comparison between Pinterest and Tumblr. It’s evident how Pinterest has propelled itself to remain relevant by keeping up to date, where as Tumblr has almost become redundant due to other companies getting ahead of the game.


  3. I always use Pinterest to find out some stuff that I really like when I don’t know where I can buy it! This feature is very easy to use and help me a lot.


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