The beauty industry has become heavily saturated with influencers and vloggers creating content such as tutorials. Probably every brand you can think of has embraced influencers to create content for their products, from Clinique to GHD.

For Australian beauty store, MECCA, who stocks whole range of these brands, the influencer revolution needed to be addressed in some way. So, 3 years ago, they launched their digital community, known as MECCA BeautyJunkie.

This digital marketing strategy adopted by MECCA simply makes sense. First of all, through the delivery of this campaign it is clear that they have a strong grasp of who their audience is. 7 of MECCA’s ‘in-store hosts’ have been designated to be the faces of this digital campaign.

The company places great importance on the in-store experience, so by incorporating their store hosts to deliver beauty information, customers are entitled to a seamless experience. The information they absorb through Mecca Beauty Junkie content creates a sense of familiarity and trust for customers, who are used to be looked after in-store.

In addition to this, the Beauty Junkie campaign promotes online purchases. Personally, I am always very reluctant to purchase beauty products online, without having tested the product before. Once you test a product, such as foundation, purchased online it is too late to return it!

So, having the Beauty Junkies, who are experienced and knowledgeable MECCA staff, provide information and tips about a range of products can instil confidence in customers to make online purchases.

4 thoughts on “MECCA’s Marketing Methods

  1. Really enjoyed reading this post! I am definitely one who has been a victim of purchasing a beauty product because an “influencer” has told me to. I do agree with you though in that I am very reluctant to and probably never will purchase a beauty product online!


  2. When brands such as Mecca provide detailed information on products, give recommendations and demonstrate using products is extremely useful for consumers. The information gathered helps individuals to gain a better understanding of what products best suits them, especially when shopping online for nonrefundable products. So this beauty junkie campaign seems a very useful tool to give customers confidence whilst purchasing products online.


  3. Very interesting post! But do you think this campaign is a good idea considering that consumers, particularly those in the beauty industry, go out their way to watch different make up moguls on youtube to find products best suited for them? It seems that make up lovers trust independent third parties more and are more willing to take their reccomendations than the ones coming from the actual company which is why I wonder if this campaign is effective or not. What do you think?


  4. I think its great to have such a campaign because consumers would know what makeup is available and how to use those products. Instead of watching other videos and having to go to different makeup stores to find that one particular brand that is being used in the video


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